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Melissa's photo shoot packages start at $500 for a limited time, Rates will increase on December 1st, so book your session as soon as possible!

Strike the Right Pose

We combine creativity and the ability to bring out the uniqueness of each model with a fun-loving, outgoing personality. Not only will models be at ease during the shoot, but they will learn how to be confident in front of the camera.

Develop Self Love

Self-belief in front of the camera doesn't always come naturally. It is something you learn. Melissa works with new models frequently, so she understands the process of building confidence during the shoot and will nourish a comfortable environment where you won't feel pressure and can pick up the necessary posing and skills. This comfort won't just make the shoot more fun; it will also improve your images.

Safe Space for you

We take lots of pride in being a comfortable space for people of all genders, identities, and people with health conditions or impairments. You matter in my space, and we will work with you to make you feel that way.

Hey, I'm Melissa

I've been a passionate creator and photographer for over 10 years. Having a big jump start in Wedding Photography taught me how much people truly appreciate to have their photo taken when they are looking and feeling their best. I realized that the passion I had for creative concepts and making people feel beautiful could be merged together to create the ultimate dream of a business. I have worked with small businesses to create beautiful head shots and product photos, I have worked with people who have wanted to celebrate themselves for their birthdays, and I've also worked with soon-to-be brides looking for a sexy creative photo shoot to emphasize their greatness. Whatever the reason may be, I want to facilitate that for you. Let's work together!

Let’s face it.

Self love is a component of ourselves that everyone struggles with. You may have felt like you have not done anything special for yourself in a while, and that’s fine. You may have also felt like there isn’t a point in investing in yourself, which is fine too. We tend to put our needs on the back burner, and think, “Once I feel good about myself, I’ll consider it.” If there’s anything I have learned in my life, it is that it takes self loving practices in order to start feeling good about yourself, not the other way around. We can create photos that make you look and feel amazing about your self. And the best part? They live on eternally. You can always look at these photos to remind you how much strength and beauty you hold in yourself.


Fashion Consultation, Hair, and Makeup

Fashion is part of every photo shoot. You want clothing that meets your creative goals, makes you feel confident, and brings the look you and Melissa are trying to achieve. We will work with you to ensure your outfit choices fit with the theme and style of the shoot and provide the appearance you want. You also have the option to hire a hair or make up artist with Melissa.

Digital Images and Prints

All photo shoots come with high-quality digital photos. These are ideal for a portfolio, social media, or gifts to a loved one. Melissa also provides the option to purchase prints for display, a physical portfolio, or as gifts.

Creative Collaboration

We know how important it is to have your voice heard, and needs met. The purpose of Melissa working with you is to bring out the best version of yourself. That's why throughout our shoot we will show you images and tweak your positioning and expression to ensure the perfect photos. We knows being shown images as you go will create a comfortable space for you to have control over the shoot too.



Melissa is amazing to work with. She’s kind and her creative abilities really take her photos to the next level. I love the way she plays with color and light. Her style is unique and her portraits capture dreamy, sultry, moody, otherworldly energy


I did a few different events and shoots with Melissa and she went above and beyond expectations every time. She is detail oriented, precise, and super creative! She definitely makes her clients feel comfortable and listens when I was giving feedback. I always love the edits and final products that Melissa is able to produce and always always in a timely manner. I suggest her for any of your photo needs!


Melissa is professional, kind, and creative 💖 My experience being photographed by her was comfortable and fun! She was very communicative and concerned with my comfort as the model. Not only was the experience enjoyable, Melissa is also a highly skilled editor and the photos we took came out more gorgeous than I could imagine! I’d highly recommend Melissa as a photographer to anyone from weddings to personality shoots.


Melissa was incredibly professional and made me feel completely comfortable the entire time. I tried some things that I normally would not have been brave enough to try and the photos came out better than I could’ve ever imagined! These pictures will live on forever and I guarantee someday I will show them to my future children! <3


Melissa's photo shoot packages start at $500 for a limited time. Rates will increase on December 1st, so you should book now to ensure the lowest price.